Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on reflection paper number two advantages of evaluation.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on reflection paper number two advantages of evaluation. I will be explaining each area of discussion by providing examples and facts to present it in the most effective way. Evaluation is a key to success as it helps in meeting a person’s needs from day to day activity or program in the Recreation and Leisure Service. It is very important in other sectors too.

Evaluation is important for our program as recreation and leisure are indispensable part of our lives. Man cannot keep on working without taking any break. I feel that the professionals of recreation and leisure industry should focus on evaluation of the services provided by them to the clients in order to be successful in their professions. According to the bulletin of Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, College of Health and Human Services, “Every year, millions of people spend an increasing amount of time in pursuit of beneficial leisure and recreation experiences As the world’s leading industry, recreation and leisure spending accounts for approximately one trillion dollars a year.” (para.9) Hence this is the most profitable time for the recreation and leisure industry. There are immense opportunities of growth in this sector. But this growth is achievable only if the professionals and services involved in these activities perform well. It is not enough to chalk out plans and strategies of performance and distribute it to different levels of workers. It is also necessary to check whether the planned objectives and strategies are heading towards the right direction. The only way to do this is through evaluation. Through this method the shortcomings can be identified and rectified to achieve optimum growth and success. For e.g. nowadays there is a great boom in the hospitality sector. People have started using the services of hotels a lot. But if the hotel does not provide proper services to the customers, the customers will stop staying in that hotel and turn to its competitors. In order to check whether the customers are being served properly or not the hotel manager should keep on evaluating the hotel staffs’ performance from time to time. He should check whether they behave courteously or not, whether their service is prompt or not, whether the cleaning of rooms and toilets are up to the mark or not. In addition to all this the hotel kitchen and the quality of food should be evaluated constantly. It should be checked whether the purchase department of the hotel is purchasing good quality groceries, vegetables and other foodstuff or not. The quality of drinking water should also be of utmost priority in the evaluation agenda. In other words even the minutest details should be evaluated to ensure proper functioning of the hotel. If not done so it is impossible to get back the goodwill of a dissatisfied customer, especially when so many options are available to him. Nowadays all the people involved in the recreation and leisure program keep evaluating their performances from time to time because it is the topmost need of the competitive times we are living in.

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