Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on cross cultural marriages. Cross Cultural Marriages Robert 30 years old an American is married to Savi 28 years an Indian. They have been married for

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on cross cultural marriages. Cross Cultural Marriages Robert 30 years old an American is married to Savi 28 years an Indian. They have been married for almost 3 years. Althoughthey are from different countries they were able to adjust to each other culture. But there are still time wherein, cultures and beliefs are the main reason of their argument. Mike from Canada, a 36 years old businessman is married to a Korean lady. This couple has been married for 2 years. So far they don’t have any problem about their cultures and belief. A set of questionnaire were given to the couples revealing contrasting answer.

Both couples believe that love can conquer differences in belief and culture. But Robert does not want to recommend to his friend this kind of marriage. Based on his experience during the first two years it was a relationship of his dream. But as the time goes by they are having difficulties in understanding each other. Mike who is happily married with his Korean wife disagrees with Robert’s idea. For Mike marrying someone with different culture is not important as long as both of you compromise and respect each other. It seems that Mike and his Korean wife are living together harmoniously as compare to Robert and Savi. Based on their answers Robert and Savi started to have problems when Savi insist to have their daughter baptized in their religion. Mike and her wife had never encountered this situation, they already agreed on this matter. Also evident on their answers Robert and his wife had

contradicting answers while Mike and his wife have the same answer most of the time.

They also have a contrasting answer in other question such as the disadvantages and advantages of their relationship. Mike and his wife did not answer this question for they believe that they marry each other without thinking the consequences of it. This is much different from the American-Indian couple answer:

Since the American-Indian couple lives where Robert works, his wife began to feel homesickness. She insists that they should visit her family in India. But Robert does not agree on what Savi has suggested. This is where the conflict begins. Because of

This conflict Robert feels that he had made a wrong decision. In the case of Mike and his wife it is not a problem. Mike and his wife have talked this situation before they got married. They agree on visiting the relative of his wife every 3 months so that she won’t feel homesickness. Mike and his Korean wife compromise to avoid conflict. They were able to foresee this situation that is why it will not be a problem.

Comparing the attitude of these couple during the time when they are answering the questionnaire has a great difference. As I observed them I can see that Robert and Savi are arguing into something, I think it is about one of the question. While Mike and his wife, are enjoying answering questions. The differences of these two couple are very much evident not only on the way they answer but also in their actions and attitude.

Questioning done to the two couples revealed several factors that affects the relationship of a cross-cultural marriage. Also it shows two contrasting idea about this kind of marriage. Culture and beliefs are two of the important things that need to be considering in marrying someone from different countries. Respect and compromising is important to make your relationship last forever. It doesn’t matter if you belong from different part of the world as long as you love each other then the relationship can be a success.
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