You will prepare and submit a term paper on Global support for trade , mixed with some doubts. Your paper should be a minimum of 750 words in length

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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Global support for trade , mixed with some doubts. Your paper should be a minimum of 750 words in length. Firstly these countries started trading a long time ago and the negatives of trade have started to show prominently along with its positive. Its human nature that we give importance to the negatives more than the positives even if the positive points are more in number. Secondly terrorism has developed a negative mind frame in every person, which is very obvious due to the terrorist activities that have happened recently hence people of the developed countries have started to think that any contact with the outside undeveloped countries might bring in terrorists and terrorism in their own country.

The second aspect of the article is that capitalism has been the preferred mode of running the system of the country. Majority around the World agreed to the fact that capitalism is a more authentic mode. In the same way people also emphasized that environmental protection should be given priority even if that slows down the process of development of a country, I agree with this statement as education around the world is changing the way we think and saving environment should be our first priority.

Another important problem that has arisen due to Globalization is of migration. People tend to migrate to developed countries for a better living standard. Another reason for people migrating are the wars going on around the globe. The migration problem has lead to the implementation of harsher immigration rules by some countries. The overall population around the World is against immigration.

The article also covers the area of culture, which is how many people in different countries think that their culture is superior to other cultures. From my point of view every person has the right to decide whether his or her culture is superior to that of others. In this sense the Americans were most culture oriented and the majority thought that their culture is superior to other cultures unlike residents of other countries. This is due to the high development and standard of the U.S. residents.

The article also checked out the relation between wealth and religious beliefs. This was an obvious result, as people don’t normally associate closeness to religion by their wealth. It is not necessary that a rich person would be religious and it comes from rational thinking.

Coming to homosexuality, most of the people said it can be tolerated but can’t be accepted. This was an expected result as people don’t usually interfere in the matters of others in the Western Countries and all types of freedom are given to people. This is another factor why people of Western Countries think that their culture is superior to other cultures because it minimizes boundaries.

Countries that are developed and do not face any major problems or threats to their economy favored immigration and were happy to have people coming from all over the world to work in their country. This is because under developed countries find it hard to cope with the immigrants and the government itself looks to avoid immigrants hence it tightens up the immigration rules.

Talking about democracy and dictatorship, it is obvious and proved many times that democracy is the best policy but in certain situations when the stability of the country is at stake people thought that dictatorship was the best policy.
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