Write short sentences on these words Rubato Program music Absolute music Program symphony Concert overture Symphonic poem Incidental music

Write short sentences on these words

RubatoProgram musicAbsolute musicProgram symphonyConcert overtureSymphonic poemIncidental musicNationalism in Nineteenth-Century MusicNationalism Lives and music of following composers; Franz Liszt, Felix Mendelssohn, Hector Berlioz, Bedřich Smetana, Antonin Dvořák, Peter I. Tchaikovsky, Johannes BrahmsTime line Musical Styles: 1900- 1945Characteristics of Twentieth-Century MusicTone ColorHarmonyTonal systemRhythmMelodyGlissandoPolychordTone clusterPolytonality and bitonalityAtonalityOstinatoMusic and Musicians in societyImpressionism SymbolismThe Life and Music of Claude DebussyPentatonic scaleWhole- tone scaleNeoclassicismThe Life and Music of Igor Stravinsky PrimitivismExpressionismThe Life and Music of Arnold SchoenbergSprechstimmeTwelve-tone system

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