why conflict resolution communication skills are not always present in everyday workplace

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Explain why the communications skills and techniques used within a business unit (department) are not always effective in communicating across business units or up and down the corporate ladder.

Explain why conflict resolution communication skills are not always present in everyday workplace situations and how skilled communications professional would add value to that workplace.


Communication can be tricky in any organization. This is because talking peer to peer in a corporate office, of the organization, is going to be different than talking peer to peer in a low-level office. Also, cultural diversity can play a role in how effective communication is. It is also critical that multiple forms of communication are used. Businesses that have many different departments cannot just rely on face to face communication. There needs to be other forms of communication practiced often. Forms such as: email, phone, radio, etc. In order to create an effective chain of communication that each department feeds from, there must be skilled communication professionals put into each unit or place of business. This will allow for corporate to have “eyes on the target” per say. In other words, they can have actual people throughout each department that can relay messages back and forth. International appears to do a great job at this. Their communications directors help with the relay of messages but also use corporate’s suggestions and tailor them to fit their specific department. Conflict resolution skills are not always present because of peoples fear of admitting that they are wrong. Not only that, but also the effort that it takes to do so. I have experienced many small conflicts that festered out of control, simply because of a person’s inability to say, “I am sorry” and take the time to fix it. In a sense people might think that they will appear weak if they admit they are wrong. A lot of times it might seem easier to just avoid the problem until it hopefully goes away. The unfortunate truth behind that is even if it does go away, there is usually some damage to a relationship left behind.


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