What should be included in disaster planning for a large employer in Annapolis, Maryland

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What should be included in disaster planning for a large employer in Annapolis, Maryland, that is concerned about natural disasters such as floods and snowstorms that might shut down the company and parts of the city?

In the United States of America you never know when a natural disaster might strike.  If it happens during the work day you have to have a plan as an organization.  Employees need to know exactly what to do and not have to think about it or ask questions.  Sometimes you don’t have much time to get yourself to safety when a natural disaster happens.  The last thing an organization wants is one or multiple employees get hurt or possibly killed during a natural disaster.  If there is a big flood that might happen it is important to prepare.  Understand where the highest ground is at your location.  Let employees know the evacuation plans and make sure they are prepared to have to leave work early and get to safety.  Rushing water can sweep cars away and prevent people from driving so it is important to pay attention to news outlets and make sure people get to safety before the disaster happens (Prepare for Emergencies, n.d.).  If you are afraid the power might go out during a snowstorm or rainstorm you have to make sure you protect your companies data.  Losing all of the data your company has could really make it where your business collapses.  Businesses should back up all of their files multiple times to ensure they keep their data during a disaster (Swanciger, n.d.).  It could be hard for suppliers to make deliveries during the days after a disaster so it is important to communicate with employees, customers, and vendors about possible delays.  Natural disasters are a scary time for all humans so it is important to make sure everyone is safe and your business is safe during these times.


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