We mentioned in Section 5.4.2 that it is possible to deduce, from the LR state on the parsing

We mentioned in Section 5.4.2 that it is possible to deduce, from the LR state on the parsing stack, what grammar symbol is represented by the state. How would we discover this information?

5.4.2 Parser-Stack Implementation of Postfix SDT”s Postfix SDT”s can be implemented during LR parsing by executing the actions when reductions occur. The attribute(s) of each grammar symbol can be put on the stack in a place where they can be found during the reduction. The best plan is to place the attributes along with the grammar symbols (or the LR states that represent these symbols) in records on the stack itself. In Fig. 5.19, the parser stack contains records with a field for a grammar symbol (or parser state) and, below it, a field for an attribute. The three grammar symbols X YZ are on top of the stack; perhaps they are about to be reduced according to a production like A -+ X YZ. Here, we show X.x as the one attribute of X, and so on. In general, we can allow for more attributes, either by making the records large enough or by putting pointers to records on the stack. With small attributes, it may be simpler to make the records large enough, even if some fields go unused some of the time. However, if one or more attributes are of unbounded size – say, they are character strings – then it would be better to put a pointer to the attribute”s value in the stack record and store the actual value in some larger, shared storage area that is not part of the stack.

 If the attributes are all synthesized, and the actions occur at the ends of the productions, then we can compute the attributes for the head when we reduce the body to the head. If we reduce by a production such as A -+ X YZ, then we have all the attributes of X, Y, and Z available, at known positions on the stack, as in Fig. 5.19. After the action, A and its attributes are at the top of the stack, in the position of the record for X.


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