“We March” (Prince, Nona Gaye) is the fifth track (fourth song) on Prince’s 17th album The Gold Experience , his first album using the “Love” symbol

“We March” (Prince, Nona Gaye) is the fifth track (fourth song) on Prince’s 17th album The Gold Experience, his first album using the “Love” symbol (equally blending the male and female gender symbols) as his name.

There is an extended introduction to this song before the first real lyrics of the song. This full lyric entrance is the chorus of the song (March, we march… March, we march). How many times is the chorus sung in “We March?” Note: The embellished chorus variation that includes “Next time we march” is to be counted as a chorus.

A) 2

B) 4

C) 2 – with the 2nd being a half chorus version at the very end of the song

D) 5 – with the 5th being a half chorus version at the very end of the song


“Dancin’ Fool” by Frank Zappa was released in 1979 on the album Sheik Yerbouti. It was the first of two singles released from the album that features both the musical genius of Zappa along with his sense of humor and weirdness!

The lyrics are mostly comdeic and make use of percussive special effects to reinforce the humor. In short bursts, Zappa uses the xylophone (a bright, crisp, pitched-wood percussion instrument) that was common in vaudeville days for novelty effect in “Dancin’ Fool.” How many times do short bursts of xylophone occur in “Dancin’ Fool?”

Select Answer(s):

A) 3

B) 6

C) 9


Bruce Springsteen (vocals and guitar)

Bruce Springsteen was born September 23, 1949. Coming from humble roots, Springsteen was known as the blue-collar musician. Springsteen has released 18 albums to date, most of which included many chart topping hits. Among these albums, the most substantial is arguably Born to Run. This album was released in 1975, and included two breakaway hits. These two tracks were entitles “Born to Run” and “Tenth Avenue Freeze-out”. In this album, a clear influence from artists such as Bob Dylan, and Chuck Berry can be heard. “Born to Run” has been ranked at #21 in Rolling Stone magazine’s top 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. During this time, Springsteen finalized his backup group and called them The E Street Band. With this new settled group, Springsteen found more stability to his writing. This allowed him to explore new sounds, and textures that would remain consistent throughout his performances. Springsteen became a voice for the working class, and never forgot where he came from. As a native of the Jersey Shore, Springsteen felt a strong connection to the local music scene and still frequents the local bars and clubs he played as a young artist.

“Born to Run” is unlike most of Bruce Springsteen’s other songs due mostly to the lyrical content he uses. Why is it different?

A) Bruce Springsteen is singing about wanting to leave New Jersey

B) Bruce Springsteen is singing about making a lot of money

C) Bruce Springsteen is singing about his expensive car

D) Bruce Springsteen is singing about his love for a woman

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