The King’s Men(playing company) Students will give one presentation on a particular topic. This…

The King’s Men(playing company)

Students will give one presentation on a particular topic. This presentation may be no longer than ten minutes.  You are encouraged to use visual aids to help your presentation; Pinterest Boards, PowerPoint presentations, etc.  The Presentation must be accompanied by a 1-2 page (they may be double sided) handout that

Has your name and project title at the top.

Summarizes the importance of your topic to theatre history.

Summarizes the arguments that two scholars have made recently in their own writing on the topic.

Lists the scholarly sources you consulted in putting together your presentation. At least two of these must be books that are physically in the UMB library and two more must come from journal articles so that students can follow your research.  “Quickie” sources such as Wikipedia are not acceptable.

The presentation should be an exploration of your topic and its import to theatre history.  Some questions to consider are: how is this topic related to the reading/class?  Why might we need to know about/understand this topic in order to understand theatre history?  What is the crux of the matter of your topic; if your classmates were to take away one thing from your presentation, what would it be?  If your topic is a person, what are some pertinent biographical details about that person?  If your topic is a play, what is special or important about that play?

Handouts must be brought in hard copy to class on the day of your presentation.  You need only make one copy, it’s just for the instructor.



Write a script for your presentation.  You do not need to memorize it; you can bring note cards. It is, however, advisable that you know it well enough to glance at the notecards rather than read from them while giving your presentation.  You will want to connect with your audience (the class) while you speak, and you won’t be able to do that if your nose is stuck in your notes the whole time!


Rehearse your presentation and time yourself to make certain that you fall within the 10-minute time limit.  Remember that adrenaline will make you want to talk fast so make a conscious effort to speak articulately and slowly enough that we can follow you.


Find a partner and practice together (especially if you’re a little nervous about presenting).

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