The concept and practice of employer branding has fundamentally changed the nature of recruitment in

The concept and practice of employer branding has fundamentally changed the nature of recruitment in employing organisations. Discuss whether this is the case.


Instructions: please read it carefully FONT -: Times New Roman size 12 Font. LINE SPACING – 1.5 There should be no tables of contents, footnotes, or abstracts.Headings and subheadings may be used, but are not required. The essay should begin with an INTRODUCTION, have the argument pursued through the BODY, and end with a CONCLUSION. The word limit is 1500 words only. The word count does not include the bibliography. You must use at least 13 scholarly references in an analysis. Scholarly references means refereed journal articles (7) and academic books or chapters (6), but not textbooks, newspapers or magazines. There are to be no tables of contents, footnotes, or abstracts. Headings and subheadings may be used, but are not required.

It is important to know that: To critically analyse current SHRM theories and provide examples of their practical application. Understand the importance of thinking stategically about HRM from different theoretical perspectives and the implications for the roles of HR professionals Identify key strategic areas of HR practice and their potential contribution to the creation of value, competitive advantage and employee wellbeing Understand the range of alternative techniques and practices in key areas of the HR function and the reasons for choices among options Explain how metrics, measurement and evaluation contribute to HR sustainability Understand some of the key contemporary issues for human resource management

  These Points Must be Evidence of a comprehensive review of literature appropriate to the question The literature used to substantiate the analysis in the essay demonstrates an excellent understanding of the different issues relevant to answering the question and hence provides a comprehensive review. This includes more than 10 scholarly sources. Quality of analysis of major themes and issues raised in the question. Highly developed analysis of key HRM theory and practice that underpins the business strategy. Evaluation and discussion of key HRM issues, challenges and trends.  Appropriate review of related policies, procedures and practices. Highly developed evaluation and discussion of the key HRM issues.  Comprehensive evaluation of relevant policies, procedures and practices that support the business strategy. Citations and referencing The essay is thoroughly and correctly referenced, using a consistent referencing method throughout the work. The reference list at the end is edited for accuracy. Focus on and relevance to  answering the question Highly developed analytical and critical skills. Provides original & innovative approach to reasoning and appraising HRM practice and strategy.  Provides comprehensive qualitative and quantitative evidence to support critical discussion.  Provides three (3) valid and practical recommendations. Written expression  and communication Excellent writing skills that sustain logical and coherent expression throughout report. Ssystematic structure of analysis. No spelling or grammatical errors.



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