The Civil Right Act 1964 is the landmark of civil rights

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The Civil Right Act 1964

Title XI – Community Relations Service

The Civil Right Act 1964 is the landmark of civil rights

Treat all the people equally in the society

Should not encourage any discriminations based on personal characteristics

Positive move to maintain the social communal relation services

The civil Right Act of 1964 is the landmark of civil rights where all the people in the society treats equally and should not encourage any discriminations either in the public places or in the workplaces based on their personal characteristics.

This act was first proposed by the Congress President John Kennedy in June 1963 and faces huge challenges followed by this movement from the oppositions and other party people.

Even after facing numerous challenges Kennedy did not take his move back and encouraged to pass this bill in the United States senate with the positive intension to completely ban the discriminations in the society (Landsberg, 2015).


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