the Chinese Automobile Manufacturer identified four major challenges with the help of HR

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In the case from chapter 25, we can see how the Chinese Automobile Manufacturer identified four major challenges with the help of HR. The major challenges found were competition, hard to attract talent, increase in wages was lower than provincial wages and a complex labor relations structure. In your initial post, evaluate the steps the organization took to reshape the labor relations structure into a successful and productive one. Recommend two IHRM processes and training of leaders, managers and employees that will help maintain the success of the organization. Present a strategy to make labor relations effective between all types of employees while maximizing their performance. Then provide two detailed and supported recommendations regarding how other international industry leaders can build successful and sustainable labor relations based on what you have learned from this case.

Your initial post must meet APA guidelines and include at least one 2-3 scholarly reference from course materials.

Chapters 21 & 25 in Global Human Resource Management Casebook

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