The assignment is on Poison Oak.Lab 3: Come up with your topic

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The assignment is on Poison Oak.

  • Lab 3: Come up with your topic. Your topic can be on any way in which people use or interact with plants such as food plants, medicinal plants, plant conservation issues, etc. (10 points)
  • Lab 5: Generate an outline for your paper. Your outline should include at least five separate sections (introduction with a thesis statement, at least three subtopics, and conclusion) with title and short description or additional details.In addition begin a list of references using the format described in Appendix IA. You should have at least 3 references including both web-based sources and paper sources. You may NOT use Wikipedia, blogs, or similar sources as a reference. (20 points)
  • Lab 9: Based on comments made by your instructor on your outline generate a draft of your paper. (30 points)

o Three to five pages long, double-spaced with one-inch margins.o It must be properly cited using the guidelines in Appendix IA and include

a complete list of references (these references do not have to be the same

ones you submitted for Lab 5 but should be in the same format).


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