Sourcing Stragegies

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Each article review must use the following outline (use a heading for each bullet point):

· Cite the article (use same format as bibliography at the end of the textbook chapters)

· Provide a brief summary/overview of the article (2-4 paragraphs)

<note: the two sections above are limited to one page>

· Was this paper peer reviewed or editorially reviewed? How was this determined (include a website url if appropriate). (Peer reviewed papers are received by editors and sent out to usually two or more people who provide a critique of the article which informs the editor’s decision as to whether it should be accepted for publication. Editorially reviewed papers are only reviewed by the editor.) One way you can determine if an article is peer reviewed or editorially reviewed is to look up the publication’s website and look for a section on “information for authors/contributors.” They will usually specify in that section how manuscripts are reviewed for possible publication. You should assume an article was editorially reviewed unless you have specific evidence that it was peer reviewed.

· Main theme:

· What is the main takeaway from the article? What specifically did you learn?

· Research method/support:

· How did the author(s) come to their conclusion(s)? (e.g. personal experience/opinion, case/multi-case analysis, survey-based research, computer simulation, other?)

· Discuss the particulars of the methodology. For example, if personal experience/opinion, discuss the author(s) qualifications (education, experience, etc). If case/multi-case, discuss the cases. If survey-based, what was the sample, how many surveys were sent out, how many returned, how was the survey instrument developed, etc.

· Critically discuss the validity of the author(s) findings based on the rigor of their methodological approach and execution. Did the authors adequately support their findings? Can the findings be trusted? How generalizable are the findings? Is there any reason to suspect a bias on the part of the author?

Types of articles.

At least four of the articles must be peer-reviewed articles. No more than two of the articles can be from magazine type sources (e.g. Newsweek, Forbes, etc.; note these articles are almost always editorially reviewed). There are some very highly regarded editorially reviewed business publications such as Harvard Business Review, California Management Review, Sloan Management Review, and Business Horizons just to name a few.

Finding articles should begin with an online search using specific keywords related to your theme. There is a high likelihood you can get a full text copy of the article using the MGA Library’s online search function. If it is not available immediately, it can be requested through inter-library loan. A representative from the library will be making a presentation on using the system at the beginning of the second night of class.

Keep in mind that in many publications, authors cite their sources at the end of their article. Thus, another source for articles is the reference lists at the end of many of the articles that you read.


Each review should be single spaced, 12 point, Times Roman font. Each review (including all six sections) is limited to a maximum of three pages.


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