Scientific Approach To Continual Improvement Processes

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There are different approaches to continual improvement processes. It is important for management to understand how to identify problems and to continually use a process to evaluate and improve performance. A common type of approach often used is called the scientific approach. This approach has four basic elements:

  • Collecting data
  • Determining the cause of the      problem
  • Determining a solution
  • Planning and making changes

In this discussion, you will learn how this approach can be used for continual process improvement.

To participate in this discussion, complete the following tasks:

  • From your experience and research,      identify a business problem. Apply each element of the scientific approach      to this business problem.
  • Discuss the outcome of applying      each element of the scientific approach and provide your recommendation      for making changes.
  • What are the advantages and      disadvantages of using the scientific approach? Explain.

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