Question 1 Question 4\ On The Duke , identify the instruments that are located on either side of Miles Davis . ( You may* During which

–        Miles Davis & Gill Evans Orchestra – The Duke (Live, 1959) (

–        Bill Evans Trio – Autumn Leaves (

Question 1Question 4\On " The Duke " , identify the instruments that are located on either side of Miles Davis . ( You may*During which of the following time markings is the bass player on " Autumn Leaves " playing a walking*have to look outside of the text for photos of various instruments . )\bass line ? ( Choose 3 )The instrument being played to Davis’ left ( from Miles’ perspective ) is a4:40 – 4: 55B . 0 : 10 – 0 : 20A. French HornC. 5: 28 – 5: 35B. Trombone*D. 2 : 12 – 2: 21E. O : 29 – 0: 35C. Flute1:25 – 1: 35D. TrumpetE. TubaQuestion 5F. SaxophoneParts of " The Duke " are in AABA form . The first " A " section begins at 0: 19 and then repeats . At what time*The instrument being played to Davis’ right is amarking does the " B " section ( or bridge ) begin ?’A .\1:25A. French HornB .1:37B. Trombone1: 08C. Flute*D. 0 : 51D. TrumpetE. 0: 35E. TubaQuestion 6F. SaxophoneWhich one of the following instruments plays on " The Duke " ?*Question 2OboeOn " Autumn Leaves " which of the following occurs at the time marking 2:03 ? ( Choose 3 ) .B .FluteC .`Guitar*A . The drums start to play faster ."D. bass guitarB . Bill Evans begins his solo improvisation .*E. vibraphoneC . The drummer switches from playing with brushes to playing with sticks *Question !`D. The bass begins to play a walking bass line ."E . The musicians finish improvising and begin to play pre-planned materialAt what time marking does Miles Davis’ improvised solo on " The Duke " begin ?"F . The bass stops playing a walking bass line ."A. U : 79Question 3B .. 1: 08C . 2: 21Throughout much of his solo on " Autumn Leaves " , Bill Evans improvises melodies with his right*D. 1: 41hand ( on higher notes ) while playing chords with his left hand ( on lower notes ) . The rhythms heE . 2:45plays with his left hand usually contrast the rhythms played by his right . In which way does hisQuestion 8playing change at time marking 3:54 ?\On" The Duke " , the drummer plays the first part of the song ( up to 1:40 ) with brushes instead of drumA. He begins to play melodies with his left hand as well as his right ."sticks .B . He begins to play chords with both hands and stops improvising melodies ."C . He stops playing chords with his left hand and just plays melodies with his right hand alone ."A. TrueD. He begins to play the chords in the same rhythm as his melodies rather than in rhythmic*B. Falsecontrast to the melodies .*

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