***Please use VBA EXCEL*** Word Problem#3: Open the worksheet titled “Word Prob#3 -Class Schedu

***Please use VBA EXCEL***
Word Problem#3: Open the worksheet titled “Word Prob#3 -Class Scheduling”. This worksheet shows the names of fifteen faculty members and the class levels that they teach. You want to sort their courses by level to make it easier to see when you might have which instructors: 200, 300, and 400. You will do this by creating two 1D arrays: Faculty and Level, to store the faculty member's name and course level for each course taught. You will then modify the class level inside the Level() array to simply contain the first number of each level. Using these two arrays, you should place the names of the faculty under the corresponding levels that are listed in columns E through G. Note: The number of faculty and courses will quickly grow beyond 15 because you will be including electives, so you will need to create a macro that will sort the names based on their level, regardless of how many names and course numbers are in columns A and B. Word Problem #4: NOTE: This problem will NOT be graded, but it is good practice for writing loops. Consider doing it last…think of it as an added challenge! user how many rows and columns they want to fill. B. Ask the user if they would like to highlight cells in red or yellow. C. Use logic and loops to do the filling with the user's row and column numbers and color choice. Every other cell should be filled for the requested number of rows and columns so that a checkerboard pattern is achieved. D. Put your last name in Cell Al. HINT: . Consider using the MOD function to determine if the number of columns is odd or even • Use the STEP function • It could look like this, if the user chooses 3 rows and 3 columns: AR Sheer Microsoft Excel How many rows do you want? OK Cancel Sheet3 Microsoft Excel How many columns do you want? Cancel Microsoft Excel Please type RED or YELLOW for your fill color. OK Cancel yellow


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