Participation response to MY PEER MAVIS 1 answer below »

Hello ExpertJulia Moran for this task, you are suppose to make some comments in what my peer Mavis, wrote. Based on the assignment that you are doing for me in order # 35
the name of the article is:” Ina May Gaskin. The Pleasures of Childbirth.”. Plus the shorts 6 videos.

You have to read my peer response and the response that you did for me in assignment # 35. And you have to make a comment saying if you agree or not with my peer and why? Try to write a concise and meaningful response of about this size. The substantial amount of text, that I request, should be dense and thorough. When you are going to write a comment to someone's response, explain why you agree or disagree and how you came to those conclusions.
Also Make some paragraphs do not put everything together, and if you are citing you have to do it in AAA Style.


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