Order 779460: Leadership

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Format: 1500 word response


About this assessment

Critical reflection is an assignment that is designed to assess the student’s ability to reflect, describe, explain, justify and demonstrate knowledge of one or more of the main principles of the Leadership subject.

This is a two-part assessment item where you are required to address each of Parts A and B individually. The assessment requires the students to write two short reflective pieces using the theories and concepts covered in Parts A and B. Each reflective piece should be a minimum of 750 words each, not exceeding 1500 words in total (plus or minus 10%). Use minimum of 9 references from credible sources for this assessment.  Both written works should be submitted as one, single document.

Part A:  Reflective Piece  (750 words)

The impact of leadership style often manifests in the quality of relationships which a leader builds over time with others, in particular subordinates and peers. Drawing from two situations from your own experience as a leader (or from a leader you have witnessed), discuss one example where you (or a leader) demonstrated a high level of emotional intelligence, and in another example where you (or a leader) allowed the ‘dark side’ of leadership to prevail in the situation.

With reference to the theory and concepts you have studied in the units:

· Briefly describe the situations.

· In both cases, analyse why you (or a leader) chose a particular style or approach for that situation.

· In both cases, discuss the impact your (or leader’s) style and approach had on others

· outline your learnings from this.

Part B:  Reflective Piece  (750 words)

Leaders seem to have the greatest difficulty in motivating their followers because of the complexity of human nature and the diversity of followers’ needs, differences, expectations, interests and responsiveness to rewards and punishment. Identify a situation where you felt that a certain motivational strategy that you (or observed) adopted was successful in motivating the followers. From your readings on the theories of motivation, reflect upon the motivational theory that comes close to the strategy adopted to successfully motivate the followers.

With reference to the theory and concepts you have studied in the units:

· Briefly describe the situation

· Analyse why you (or a leader) chose a certain motivational strategy for that situation and the theory associated with it

· Discuss the impact your (or leader’s) motivational strategy had on others

· outline your learnings from this


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