most important historical event of the Human Services profession

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Hi my name is K. H. and I’m from a North Carolina I’m pursuing my masters with a concentration in family counseling. I wanted to pursue this as I see it as a gift from God. God has always provided a way for me to help individuals in different situations without them turning into violent situations. I work as a social worker and find it difficult at the amount of hatred as I see from family’s specifically the connection between Father and child I often see homes without father figures and it’s normally a mother playing the role of Father and Mother. I want to establish the goal of you don’t have to be like your father you can set your own path and trail and encourage children to strive for the best and be whatever they want to be.

***REPLY TO THIS!! The most important historical event of the Human Services profession would be the establishment of the Social Security Act and The Affordable care act. The Social Security Act set forth by then President Franklin D. Roosevelt was established to help the unemployed sick and retired. It was essentially the first time the government had really stepped in to help under privileged individuals with food, work and moneys to help keep a family going. But to me I believe The Affordable care act is the biggest greatest human services event because of the way it was established. (Martin 2014) The Affordable Care Act breaks almost every barrier that is described as Human service agencies face when and consider when trying to get someone’s needs met. When first hearing about the Affordable Care Act people automatically gave it a nickname (Obama Care). The outrage was unbelievable that individuals were going to have to pay for insurance. No one thinks about the potential of getting sick. But what most people do not understand is that the only difference between what the Social Security Act established by Franklin Roosevelt and the Affordable care act is the Obamacare is made to have instead of free willed. The Affordable care act is specifically piggy backed off the Social Security act in the establishment of the same focus. Children, Poverty and the “Working Class”. Why fuss because someone wants an individual to have insurance to help them I the long run. Everyone gets sick and as a precaution Obamacare was established so medical services would not be hindered in case of not having insurance. Often in the medical industry without insurance you are left with Hefty hospital and doctor visits. The Affordable Care Act is essential to the thriving of the “working class” The affordable care act essentially says hey I can still live and have a net to catch me in case something happens or my family gets sick.


Martin, M.E. (2014). Introduction to Human Services Through the Eyes of Practice Settings 3rd ed. Upper Saddle River: Pearson Education, Inc.


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