Management In a leadership role

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Objective of Exercise:

In a leadership role, you will learn that there are an abundance of responsibilities, especially with regards to making important decisions.

Decisions can be harder to make if you have a close working relationship with individuals. Place yourself in the seat of a member on the leadership

team (manager, director, CEO, president, VP, etc.). Pick a scenario, from the list below, and discuss how you would go about making your decision

based on your knowledge.

• Layoffs: You are challenged with a decision to layoff a team member who has been loyal to the organization for many years and has ultimately become your friend.

• Hiring: There are two people who qualify, for a position, in your department. One person has years of experience while the other person has the education.

• Sexual harassment: An employee has filed sexual harassment against a manager, who happens to be a close confidante of yours.

• Theft: A manager is suspected of stealing from the organization. This manager happens to be your relative.

This is an opportunity to get creative and also showcase your leadership skills. You may fill in the blanks however you would like.

Be specific in providing the details of the scenario you choose. Additionally, you will need to address the process of your thinking

regarding how you would go about making your decision and why you would choose this decision. Please use subtitles for each section.

The subtitles should be labeled as follows:

• Scenario (Discuss the scenario from the list and fill in the blanks to complete the situation.)

• Decision (Describe the process of thinking and why you chose this decision.)

• Position (This section will detail why you selected this decision.)

• Conclusion


Use the textbook as well as three outside sources as references (a total of four references).

Be sure to support and justify your positions and conclusions using relevant library sources.

The paper will need to meet APA requirements. Additionally, it will need to be at least five pages and double-spaced.

The title page and reference page will not count towards the page count.


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