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Integrating Self-Managing Teams and HR Processes

Woodrow Rowell

Integrating Self-Managing Teams and HR Processes

Self-Managed Teams have been projected to be a productivity step forward for organizations since the 1990s. Several businesses have reported on the success result from the self-managed teams, and the SMTs have also received momentum from people who have experienced the results in empowerment of employees. Empowering a team and sharing responsibilities gives quality control, improves efficiency and total effectiveness. SMTs contribute majorly to the success of a business, and it also increases the total output. It is also believed that the SMTs create a sense of responsibility and sponsors innovative decisions contributing to great general performance (Zarraga & Bonache, 2005). By the end of this paper the reader will understand the strategy on how to integrate self-managing teams and HR processes as part of a greater strategic international human resource management initiative.

With self-managed teams, groups are held responsible for producing the initial product or even the final service, but with the traditional format, the team is assigned tasks based on their specialized skills by the HR management. The role of the HR management in an institution, on the other hand, is to make sure that there is effective planning, execution, training, initiation and even monitoring, etc. within the team. The best HR managers are talented, and they possess other useful skills however, knowing all these right skills is not enough. Determining the right skills to apply at the right time is what defines good managers and great HRMs. Most HR managers opt for the self-managed teams due to the quality of output the teams bring along. Self-managed teams are not easy to apply considering that there are many risks involved, but with the right team it is possible to apply this strategy in organizations since its results are commendable.

As an HRM of an organization there are several things to consider before implementing the self-managed team strategy and among them includes having a team that has the right kind of people. Hiring the best candidates can foster effective teams, and by that an HR manager should look for individuals who have skilful backgrounds especially in time management.

Also, an HRM should consider individuals whose resumes commend them for having better or excellent decision making and problem-solving skills. The way a team manages varies significantly depending on how the individuals manage themselves. Usually, in a team setting, the team members should insist and focus more on problem-solving skills and work collaboratively. The team should mainly focus on performance guidelines, human resources and generally the initial expectation.

Finally, the team should have interpersonal skills considering that when there is mutual communication as well as purpose, effective communication is important (Roper & Phillips, 2007). The interpersonal skills involve listening actively, considering the success of team members, objectivity, and being attentive and supportive in differing viewpoints. The team’s internal communication is essential for the overall performance of projects or services.

Self-managing teams have numerous advantages but there are also huge risks involved when an organization doesn’t have the right team. As an HRM it is important to analyze the team members and if they have the required skills to qualify for the self-managing team strategy before implementing it. The key requirements for having a self-managing team is hiring the right people and also having a team that is skilled in decision making and problem-solving.


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