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Implement a system according to the following description. The university is developing a new system to keep track of various personnel, students and other people who contact the university. This system will ultimately be deployed on some tablets in the main reception, and your task is to develop the software that will run on them. The university system stores information on its teaching staff (“lecturers”) and more senior teaching staff (“professors”). Students also belong to the university (“students”). There are also research staff (“researchers”). For all members of the university, the university maintains a unique ID number, full name, address, and email. Each member of the teaching and research staff has an office, and one or more areas of expertise, such as “security”, “programming”, “data analysis”. Teaching staff offer classes in their areas of expertise: these classes will be named (for example “An Introduction to Programming”), will take place in a room (e.g. “A1”), and at a specified day/time (e.g. “Monday 14:00-17:00). For simplicity, we assume that classes only take place at a single fixed time and room each week. Rooms have a capacity (e.g. “A1” may only seat 10 students). Implement a way for students to look up and sign on to classes offered by members of the teaching staff. A student can look up an area of expertise, see a list of teaching staff and the classes they offer, and then sign up for the class they choose. A student may also directly look up a member of teaching staff to find their classes. Researchers can make appointments with teaching staff, meeting the member of teaching staff in their room at a time they choose. Business visitors often come to the university. Allow them to look up a researcher or member of teaching staff by expertise or name. Visitors can be given an appointment to see the researcher or teaching staff in their room at a time they choose. For simplicity, design your system for a single term of 12 weeks. Classes can be assumed to run for the entire 12 weeks. Appointments can be at any time in weeks 1 to 12. At the end of each month, the university produces a report listing all classes, appointments etc taken by each member of staff. Also, a report will list all classes each student is signed up for. For a more advanced system, you should check some constraints. Following is a suggested list, but add others that you can think of: Students can only sign up for a class where there are spare places Students cannot sign up for two classes running at the same time Visitors cannot book an appointment when the researcher/member of staff is busy Lecturers teach no more than 5 classes in a week Professors teach no more than 2 classes in a week


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