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Assignment 3:Evaluating Access Control Methods

Due Week 6 and worth 50 points

Imagine that you are the Information Systems Security Specialist for a medium-sized federal government contractor. The Chief Security Officer (CSO) is worried that the organization's current methods of access control are no longer sufficient. In order to evaluate the different methods of access control, the CSO requested that you research: mandatory access control (MAC), discretionary access control (DAC), and role-based access control (RBAC). Then, prepare a report addressing positive and negative aspects of each access control method. This information will be presented to the Board of Directors at their next meeting. Further, the CSO would like your help in determining the best access control method for the organization.

Write a three to five page paper in which you: Explain in your own words the elements of the following methods of access control: Mandatory access control (MAC) Discretionary access control (DAC) Role-based access control (RBAC) Compare and contrast the positive and negative aspects of employing a MAC, DAC, and RBAC. Suggest methods to mitigate the negative aspects for MAC, DAC, and RBAC. Evaluate the use of MAC, DAC, and RBAC methods in the organization and recommend the best method for the organization. Provide a rationale for your response. Speculate on the foreseen challenge(s) when the organization applies the method you chose. Suggest a strategy to address such challenge(s).


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