If an object has many colors, you would use a/an _______ to assess their colors. non-proportional color inventory B. color interaction C….

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1. If an object has many colors, you would use a/an _______ to assess their colors.

A. non-proportional color inventory

B. color interaction

C. proportional color inventory

D. optical mixing

2 To create a proportional color inventory, it is better to use

A. mixed media.

B. flat colors.

C. sculptures.

D. oil paint.

3.3. This artist wrote many letters describing his experiments with color.

A. Vincent van Gogh

B. Chuck Close

C. Claude Monet

D. Paul Cézanne

4. You can experience the _______ effect of color by using the same design, but painting it with two different color “moods.”

A. luminous

B. chemical

C. visual

D. psychological

5.When you combine the three primary colors in an additive mixture, you get

A. black.

B. brown.

C. white.

D. blue.

6. _____ is the character of interrelationships in a group of colors.

A. Color temperature

B. Complementary

C. Color harmony

D. Color discord

7.. Once a sculptor applies color to the completed form, what often be taken into account?

A. Value

B. Hue

C. Saturation

D. Surface texture

8. What are the two modes of color application in digital programs?





9. The primary colors for light are

A. red, yellow, and blue.

B. yellow, orange, and green.

C. red, green, and blue.

D. red, orange, and violet.

10. Color _______ is a direct result of color observation.

A. time

B. experience

C. symbolism

D. analogy

11. The most important quality of a color group is the contrast in _______, _______, and _______.

A. red, pink, and blue

B. hue, value, and saturation

C. light, color, and tint

D. green, blue, and white

12. When making the transition from screen to print, it is a good idea to print a

A. color chart.

B. color study.

C. paint chart.

D. color wheel.

13. Primary colors for print are called

A. discord.

B. subtractive.

C. additive.

D. unity.

14. A/An ______ is the range of hues available to a particular mode.

A. gamut

B. low key

C. light

D. grayscale

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