I need some assistance with these assignment. resort management Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. resort management Thank you in advance for the help! The mission of Oceania Club is to provide customers with all-inclusive high-quality services in order ensure customers satisfaction and loyalty. Oceania Club sets out to create a range of high-quality serviced that are distinctive in type, and especially appealing to people who had acquired a taste for good holidays. Oceania Club guarantees the best room, the warmest atmosphere on average price. Oceania Club is aimed to achieve competitive advantage and sustainable competitive creating value for their customers, select markets where they can excel and present a moving target to their competitors by continually improving their position. Three of the most important factors are innovation, quality and inventory reduction. “Blessed with a rich flora blossoming, its amphitheatric setting, surrounded by pines, olive groves, cypress trees and a golden long sandy beach, makes Oceania the ideal place for a dreamy holiday” (Oceania Home Page 2007).

The resort provides lodging and room facilities. The main lodging facilities include: lounge/tv rooms, conference/meeting facilities, business/internet center, outdoor pool, indoor pool, children playground, restaurant Piano, bar, nightclub/disco, fitness center, sauna, beauty salon. Room facilities are “A/C individual, heating, satellite/pay tv, safe box, direct phone line, terrace, etc. Also, Oceania proposes a wide range of sports and entertainment activities, children and football swimming pools and beaches” (Oceania Home Page 2007).

Oceania Club market is very fragmented in terms of supply, with a large number of smaller operators being characteristic. Consolidation is an ongoing process in the sector. A frequent complaint is marketing’s preoccupation with short- term thinking, and an almost total lack of ‘strategic thinking’, or considering the longer-term implications of external and internal influences on the organization (Hayes & Ninmeier 2003). Seasonality is one of the main weaknesses of this business. Economic strains do exist, however, and some of the most sensitive factors relate to seasonal variation in Greece. In order to attract tourist around the world, Oceania Club introduces special summer and winter offers. The price varies from $12,15 in winter to $251 in summer. This strategy helps Oceania Club to avoid empty hotels, carriers and tour operators with idle wheels, and employees jobless. Also, skillful marketing, expensive, but effective, helps Oceania Club overcome some of the problems associated with seasonality (Hayes & Ninmeier 2003).

Resort Property

A model building is one of the hallmarks of Oceania Club. Oceania Club is “built in a luxurious, contemporary Mediterranean style and inspired by the Greek architectural traditions” (Oceania Club Home Page 2007). Land-use zoning and the spatial separation of accommodation from the buildings increase resort carrying capacity in locations. This model distinguished between the resort which represented culture and the sea which represented nature. What emerged was a transitional zone between culture and nature, a zone of ‘ambiguity’ – the beach. Oceania Club has 1 building with 5 room wings, 297 rooms, 3 floors and 10 lifts.

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