I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Fire & the Built Environment. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.

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I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Fire & the Built Environment. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Fire accidents in some incidences are so traumatizing that it can affect a person the whole of his or her life. Fire being a commodity used by every other person in the world has numerous of notable hazards.

Fire safety in building implies to the safety measures which are undertaken to avoid or rather reduce the potentiality of fire in the buildings which can lead to injury, destruction of buildings or even death of civilians. This also used to make the people inside these buildings to be alert of the fire presence in case such structure has fire starting in them. Fire safety further assist in making the people threatened by the fire to survive as well as reduce the potential damages which the fire can cause if no necessary measures are taken. Measures of fire safety are the precautions designed or planned in the time of construction of such buildings. These are also the precautions put in place in those buildings which have already been building as well as those taught to the occupants of the buildings.

Fire safety threats are usually called fire hazards. These may involve a circumstance which comprises of rise in the potential of fire out break as well as impeding escape in case of fire occurrence. Building safety and precautions are supposed to include fire safety. Fire precaution officers are given the responsibility of making sure that all buildings in their respective areas are installed with the necessary fire safety and precaution measures and educate people on fire safety measures.

Hazard can be termed as a condition that exposes somebody or something to a certain danger. Examples of fire hazards are such as: Default use of electricity like overloading it or using bad appliances. Distinguishing or disposing of cigarettes carelessly, Having substandard or blocked ventilations in buildings, Improper placement of inflammable substances, Inappropriate fire control measures, Those are some but a few among the many possible fire hazards. There is universally accepted fire prevention and precaution measures to ensure fire accidents are controlled, these are fire safety education fire codes and fire safety standards.


This paper seeks to create awareness as well as comprehending of the effects of built environment fires. These include methods as well as materials employed in construction, control of smoke movement as well as laws, standards and regulations. The paper studies several modes of behaviors of fire within the built environment. It uses case studies of the effects of fires on building nationally as well as internationally. It also seeks to enhance the researchers’ skills like problem solving, team work, analysis and independent working.

Case Studies of Fire Disasters in Britain

1. Bradford City Stadium Fire Disaster.

In this case one side of Valley Parade football stadium was destroyed by fire in Bradford city. Fire caught the stadium during a match between Lincoln City and home team Bradford City. The cerebration of the match turned to a loss: there extensive loss in property and 56 lives were lost.

Home games had always been played in this stadium by the Bradford City Football Club.

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