HYPERCASE ® EXPERIENCE 4.2 “You’ve probably noticed by now that not everyone enjoys filling out… 1 answer below »


“You’ve probably noticed by now that not everyone enjoys filling out questionnaires at MRE. We seem to get more questionnaires than most organizations. I think it’s because many of the employees, especially those from the old Training Unit, value the contributions of questionnaire data in our work with clients. When you examine the questionnaire that Snowden distributed, you’ll probably want not only to look at the results but also to critique it from a methods standpoint. I always feel strongly that we can improve our internal performance so that eventually we can better serve our clients. The next time we construct a questionnaire, we want to be able to improve three things: the reliability of the data, the validity of the data, and the response rate we get.

” HYPERCASE Questions

1. What evidence of questionnaires have you found at MRE? Be specific about what you have found and where.

2. Critique the questionnaire that Snowden circulated. What can be done to improve its reliability, validity, and response rate? Provide three practical suggestions.

3. Write a short questionnaire to follow up on some aspects of the merger between Management Systems and the Training Unit at MRE that are still puzzling you. Be sure to observe all the guidelines for good questionnaire design.

4. Redesign the questionnaire you wrote in question 3 so that it can be used as a Web survey.



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