HRM professional to hire a position in your organization,

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I need this completed asap! The last teacher accepted the assignment and didn’t do it.

Assume that you are an HRM professional to hire a position in your organization, any type of your dream job in near future, or visit the Dictionary of Occupational Titles ( and view the list of job titles presented on the website.

(1) Create a sample job description for the job opening. Consider the essential components that job descriptions should always include:

  1. Job functions (the tasks the employee performs)
  2. Knowledge, skills, and abilities (what an employee is expected to know and be able to do, as well as personal attributes)
  3. Education and experience required
  4. Physical requirements of the job (ability to lift, see, or hear, for example)

(2) Select the most effective method(s) presented in module reading to fill the position among the recruitment strategies (e.g., recruiters, campus recruiting, professional associations, websites, social media, events, special interest group (SIGs), referrals, etc).

Participation/Submissions Guidelines

Write, single-spaced, more than one-half page per each case study to have enough details in your discussion.


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