How has the Quality Chasm Report been used to direct US health care? Question 1 options: a) Is not u

How has the Quality Chasm Report been used to direct US health care?

Question 1 options:


Is not used to direct health care in the US


IOM designed this document to direct medical practices in the US


This report has been used as the framework and foundation for multiple health policy initiatives since its release in 2001

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What are the differences in patient safety and effective health care since the 1999 release of To Err is Human and the 2016 report from the CDC regarding medical mishaps and quality of care in the US?

Question 2 options:

There is no correlation between these 2 reports

There has been little improvement in health care practices and patient safety between the 2 reports

Care quality in the US is the most comprehensive when compared to other country health care practices

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How can the APN influence the development and passage of a specific health policy issue?

Question 3 options:

Develop a health policy proposal and present it to the House of Representatives?

Partner with a legislator who is a sponsor of a bill despite his or her specific assigned committee work

Determine what the specific legislative agenda is for the nursing organization that you belong – so that your expertise can be used to push the agenda with your specific legislator

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How does health policy specifically influence health care practice in the US?

Question 4 options:

Directs efforts by the CDC and protects Americans against population based disease

Influences how health care is reimbursed and determines APN payment for services

Directs specific evidence based practice guideline development and dissemination

All of the above

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What specific developments have primarily occurred because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?

Question 5 options:

ACA has been appealed and no longer enacted

Development of patient centered outcomes, use of comparative effectiveness research, quality payment structures that impact APN reimbursement

Nothing has been changed by the ACA other than Medicaid Expansion and Affordable Health Care

None of the Above


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