. How Does Stereotyping Affect the Workplace Environment?

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Discuss the adverse impact of stereotyping in the workplace. Give detailed examples of various HR functions where stereotyping may occur. Examine the consequences of stereotyping as they relate to an employer’s exposure to liability.

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Stereotyping in the workplace can be detrimental to both the employee and employer. There could be lasting mental impacts on the employee, and the employer left with any discipline being handed down due to their indiscretions. It could even go beyond employee/employer relationship, TSA had to stop stereotyping thinking they could get more drug busts from Blacks/African-American and Hispanics. The young cute executive assistant who dresses in short skirts might get compliments and men may even hit on her in the office. They may assume that because she has a bubbly personality that she isn’t very smart. These are stereotypes based on gender discrimination (Leonard, K. 2018). There can also be cultural discrimination for example, telling a Jewish coworker it’s crazy that they don’t celebrate Christmas.  When people are happy to come to work, feel respected and safe, they are more likely to perform better. There is higher job satisfaction, improved work interaction leading to creative solutions and less anxiety that leads to more sick days. This is why so many companies are doing everything they can to build positive work environments and company cultures (Leonard, K. 2018). Creating a healthy work environment where work can be productive and innovative, this is up to the CEO and human resources department in allowing what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t.

Leonard, K. (2018, November 5). How Does Stereotyping Affect the Workplace Environment? Retrieved from https://smallbusiness.chron.com/stereotyping-affect-workplace-environment-78286.html.


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