How do I do this only with a financial calculator? Problem Three After months of study and spending

How do I do this only with a financial calculator? Problem Three After months of study and spending $60,000 in researching its options, Black & Decker Company purchased and installed a made-to-order machine tool for fabricating parts for small appliances this morning. The machine cost $286,000. This afternoon, Square D Company offered a similar machine tool that will do exactly the same work, but costs only $176,000 and could be installed in less than two hours. There will be no differences in either revenues or operating costs between the machines. The only annual cash flow differ- ences will be the income tax savings due to the depreciation tax shield. Both machines will last for six years (don't worry about the few hours that have elapsed). Black & Decker would depreciate either machine on a straight-line basis to a $15,000 salvage value for income tax purposes. However, each machine is expected to be worth $20,000 at the end of the fifth year. The relevant income tax rate is 40%, and Black & Decker earns sufficient income from its other operations so that it can utilize any annual operating losses or losses on disposal of equipment. The after-tax discount rate, also known as the hurdle rate or MARR, is 16%. Required: Using after-tax cash flow analysis, determine the minimum resale value of the “old” machine tool (“old” because it was purchased this morning) that would justify Black & Decker's purchase of the Square D machine tool at this time. Hint: If Black & Decker could sell the “old” machine for $1,000,000 and buy the Square D machine, they would do it in a heartbeat. On the other hand, if they could sell the “old' machine for only $1, they would not do it. Clearly, there is a selling price between $1 and $1,000,000 where it makes sense to sell the “old” machine — find that value. If they sell the “old” machine, there will be income tax consequences at the time of the sale (time zero).


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