Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Market Analysis for Skating Service Park. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Market Analysis for Skating Service Park. It needs to be at least 1250 words. The first problem is to conduct the research so that we can get as much of information as we could, we should do park intercepts and we can ask people numerous of questions regarding their outing, we can also find young boys and girls and also men aging from 10 to 35 in so many places such as markets, malls, and also the other skate board parks in Houston which are nearly thirty, we can provide them with questionnaires and ask their advice on their level of liking or disliking the idea of a new park.

The research should be conducted through a proper questionnaire and the target audience or the respondents should be majority of males looking young and energetic and also people who are quite fit because the service would be used mostly by people who are fit, for the purpose of conducing research the best possible solution is to look for people in the near by parks such as parks in Bellaire and other areas, the other places would be malls and entertainment places such as game zones, and also the people on road skating can be questioned, the service is having few qualities and strengths that should be clearly mentioned in the questionnaire and also the questionnaire should not be prepared in a way that can give the audience a hint for the desired answer, there are also few things that should be noted without questioning them in the question paper such as the gender and area where the research is conducted or park name can also be used to identify the responses from people of that particular park, it has been said by Bassett in 1992, “Service must be found at or near the customer. Decentralization is indispensable. Corner grocery stores, once a feature of every city, are returning in the form of “convenience” stores. Personal Service from hairdressers or barbers has always been dispersed into local neighborhoods”(p. 28). and also the ratio of research from male to female should be 70 to 30 respectively, because we have more to find out in the male users which are far more than female in the service offered.


What’s your age group

a. 8 – 14 b. 15 – 21 c. 22 – 28 d. 29 – 35

Do you like skating

a. Yes b. No (proceed if Yes)

Where do you like to skate

a. Parks b. Roads c. other

Which is your current park for skating


Which area can you reach easily for skating


What do you think about the services the park (for skating) is providing you


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