e resources available in the all hazards approach for the EOP.

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Imagine you have just been hired as an emergency manager for a local organization. Your task is to provide a new perspective on the area’s emergency operations plan (EOP). To do this, you must have a good understanding of emergency management organizations and their roles, key personnel involved in disaster response and preparedness plans, and the format of an emergency operations plan.

Review the emergency operations plan you researched and identified in the Week Two assignment. (ALABAMA EMERGENCY OPERATION PLAN!!!!! WEEK TWO ASSIGNMENT IS BELOW. PLEASE USE THIS INFO!!!!)

Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes in which you:

· Differentiate emergency management organizations in the emergency operations plan you identified in Week 2.

· Differentiate the key personnel and organizational roles in emergency management identified in the EOP.

· Analyze the all-hazards approach to disaster preparedness for the EOP.

· Explain the resources available in the all hazards approach for the EOP.

· Explain the public policy that impacts the all hazards approach for the EOP.

Cite 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references to support your presentation.

Format your presentation according to APA guidelines. Include a title page, detailed speaker notes, and a references page.


Some key components that I found on the Alabama emergency operation plan was that it was designed to ensure that emergency assistance , responsibilities, resources, and procedures will become available after a major disaster occurs in the local area and it exceeds the local capabilities. This plan is to also help maximize efficient utilization of resources that will be needed in order to effect the disaster incident. This operational plan will help with providing a proactive and integrated state response to catastrophic events. The priorities for protection, response and recovery can also be determined during a critical incident. The plan will help with facilitating mutual aid and state support to County, local, and tribal governments and can also facilitate state to state support.

Alabama Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is an all-discipline, all-hazards plan that establishes a single, comprehensive framework for incident management. The EOP assists in reducing the vulnerability to all natural and man-made hazards; minimizing the damage and suffering caused by any disaster; and assisting in the response to and recovery from all-hazard incidents. Alabama’s emergency plan breaks down the policy and guidance for state and local disaster preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation operations. This plan also coordinates the detail capabilities, concept of operations, incident management actions, authorities and responsibilities, and establishes mutual understanding among Federal, State, Local, and other Public, Private Non-profit Organizations, and NGOs.

This plan was created for when an emergency disaster incident occurs in the state of Alabama, the citizens will be protected and assisted during this time of an emergency. This plan points out every agency’s role for when a emergency is to happen, everyone will know what to do. This EOP is based upon guidelines that contain the National Response Framework, which is a core guide for national incident management, which are also linked to incident or hazard-specific Federal contingency plans that are designed to implement the specific statutory authorities and responsibilities of various departments and agencies. The main priorities of this emergency operation plan is to assure the safety of the publics live, Stabilizing the incident, protecting the property and the environment, and the needs and damage assessment.


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