Discuss the adverse impact of stereotyping in the workplace.

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Discuss the adverse impact of stereotyping in the workplace. Give detailed examples of various HR functions where stereotyping may occur. Examine the consequences of stereotyping as they relate to an employer’s exposure to liability.

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Stereotyping is very prevalent in today’s society. Some people do not realize that they are even stereotyping. There are multiple ways someone can stereotype a person. You can be stereotyping by gender, race, age, or even sexuality. According to the textbook, gender stereotyping is how a workplace stereotypes based on how someone should dress, what roles they should perform and what jobs they should hold (pg.394). A performance appraisal is one of the key aspects on stereotyping. According to the text, performance appraisal systems do not fairly evaluate ones performance, but perpetuate stereotypes that can have an adverse impact on protected classes (pg. 194). Employers can be labeled as being discriminatory when they are stereotyping. Everyone should have the same opportunities and it not be taken away due to race, color, disability, gender, or national origin.

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