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Gustavo Briceno

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Curriculum Section Rough Draft

MAR 4354, Marketing yourself – Resume Packet

In my Marketing Yourself class, the objective was to organize and polish your personal skills and experiences and be able to make yourself seem as appealing to others. In the beginning of the semester I was assigned the resume packet that had to be completed by the end of the semester. There were five parts to the packet, starting off with reviewing your resume and fixing it up. This leads into the second part where you see your strongest skills as well as experiences that will stand out on the resume. The third part was making custom cover letters to organizations we were potentially interested in applying for. The fourth part was figuring out the best way to network, whether it be through social media or going personally to offices and events. Finally, the last part of the resume packet was too polish every little detail and put it into use. When completed you had to show the professor your interest in certain organizations, this helped me plan for my future as all the skills I learned in the class, I was able to immediately put them into effect. I struggled before as my resume was average, this class helped me polish it up and now I am working at an organization I used for my assignment.

MAN 4064, Crisis Management – Crisis Simulation Project

In my Crisis Management class, the emphasis was how to manage crisis’s in the business world. We learned about previous crisis’s scenarios that have happened in the world and how they are handled. This class takes you step by step to show how the crisis occurred, why it occurred, and viewing all the possible outcomes. In the beginning of this course, we were assigned a crisis simulation project. This project was a crisis simulation of a company that we are the CEO’s of. Here we are exposed to a crisis in the beginning of the project, and then we are told to take care of the problem. Here we do research and why the crisis occurred as well as internal and external communication with the press. This class has helped me plan for the future as I am now more conscious of the crisis that go on in businesses and I am now knowledgeable on how to handle a crisis if it happened at work.

COM 3110, Business and Professional Communication – Writing Skills Assignment

In my Business and Professional communications class, the objective was to learn how to properly communicate in the work force in order to have a very successful career. It emphasized how important it is to be a skilled communicator since communication is the number one tool in business. An assignment in this course that helped me a lot with improving my communication were the business writing skills assignment. This assignment contained three parts, 1. Personal Mission professional goals statement, 2. Original memos, 3. Original letters. This assignment helped you build the confidence to be able to reach out to co-workers or other organizations and communicate with them successfully. I personally enjoyed the personal mission professional goal statement as I was able to define my skills, experience and career goals. It really helped with searching for my aspirations and the major ways that I will go about to accomplish them.


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