Chapter 10 [2. Materials Equipment You are an information technology ! IT ; consultant to Materials Equipment , Inc . I’MED) , a major…

Chapter 10[2. Materials Equipment"You are an information technology ! IT ; consultant to Materials Equipment , Inc .I’MED) , a major industrial equipment distributor . Its products include materials -handling machinery for assembly that require moving fluids , MEI has not*expanded into that business . Instead , it works with another supplier thatspecializes in fluid- related products . MEI has been in business for more than 70years and sells more than $200 million worth of parts and Equipment each yearto its 3000 customers . MEI’s customers are located all over the world , but mostare in the United States , Mexico , Malaysia , China , and Singapore .Joe Everson , MEI’s director of sales , has hired you to help him as he beginsplanning for a new Web site that MEI would operate with two other companies*that sell products ( such as bearings , seals , hoses , and hose fittings used inmoving fluids ) and services ( design , layout , and installation of materials- handling*equipment ) that are complementary to MEI’S products . The Web site wouldprovide MEI customers a single destination where they could buy MEI productsalong with the products and services of the MEI’s strategic partners . The sitewould also offer information about current trends in industrial equipment*technologies and the application of those technologies along with a usedequipment marketplace in which MEI customers could list equipment for sale . Joe*believes that giving customers a convenient way to liquidate old equipment will*make it easier for his sales representatives to sell new equipment to thosecustomers .Joe has put together an internal team to examine the feasibility of the Web site ,including key employees from MEI ‘s Sales , Finance , Product Engineering , and ITServices departments . The team has identified several security issues that they*want to resolve before they move forward with the Web site design . Joe wouldlike you to help the team understand encryption and digital certificationtechnologies and how they might be used in the new Web site .REQUIRED :1 .Write a 200 – word briefing report on how Web sites use encryption . Explainthe technology , how it is used , and describe one or two common applications .2 .In a report of about 200 words , outline how and why MEI might use*encrypted E- mail in communicating with its strategic partners and with itscustomers .3 .In about 300 words , explain what digital certificates are and how theymight be useful to MEI , its strategic partners , and their customers if they were tobe used in the operation of the new Web site . Be sure to discuss which parts ofthe site or communications among MEI , its strategic partners , and theircustomers might benefit from extended validation certificates and consider thepotential cost of acquiring digital certificates of any type in your evaluation oftheir benefits .

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