Attend a live professional concert which must be professional classical music, not a pops concert or a Broadway style musical. It should be something…

Did you like individual pieces? Did you have emotional reactions to any particular piece? Why did you react the way you did? Was it in the composition or the performance or both? What held your attention? Did your mood change in the course of the concert? Was the concert full of variety or was it all more or less the same? Could the performance be better? How? Could the selection of compositions performed have been more to your taste? Was this a familiar or a new experience? Was there a theatrical dimension to the performance? finally conclusion The final Quality of Performance paragraph is the conclusion of your report. It focuses on the concert as a whole, rather than on the individual pieces. What were the notable features of the overall performance? Were there far too many wrong notes? If you know the pieces, were there some different or even incorrect interpretations? Were there distracting elements in the performance? Or was this the most inspired and inspiring performance that you have ever heard? Were you emotionally moved by the concert? Were some parts of the concert better/worse than others? Were there aspects that you found especially pleasing? Were there any surprises at the concert? Would you go again? Remember that “music criticism” is not only looking for faults, but is also recognizing the especially good things that happen during a performance.


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