Assignment 2 Numbered Assignment 03: 10 Adjectives That Describe Me

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HRT 4100-02-03-04 Assignment 2

Numbered Assignment 03: 10 Adjectives That Describe Me

Name: __

Who: If assigned, each person will individually complete and submit this assignment.

What: This assignment will take you through several steps to help ensure that you have a robust understanding of yourself and what is important to you personally.

When: The due date and time are posted in the syllabus. You can submit the assignment early. However, you will not be permitted to submit the assignment late.

Why: Some say that one cannot effectively manage and lead others effectively unless he or she first has a thorough understanding of him- or herself.

How: Research, discover, think, re-think, reflect, have fun. Begin your answers immediately after each question. Begin your answer immediately after the question. Do not delete the instructions. If you choose, you may change the color of your ink and/or change to italics to help make your answer stand out. Plan to write about 3-5 pages or so including these instructions and questions.

1. List 10 adjectives, which describe you (i.e., “I am environmentally conscious”). It is a good idea to list both positive and negative adjectives. If you need help in getting ideas to help get you going, search these terms: “Words that describe behavior” or “words describing what kind of person I am.

Adjectives that describe me

2. Rank the list of adjectives describing you on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the most important and/or meaningful to you.

3. Re-examine your list of 10 adjectives. Change any that you wish to change and rank order them once again.

4. Look at the list overall. Do you see any patterns forming that help to accurately describe you, such as your skills, personality, tendencies, behaviors, and/or actions?

5. Did you discover any negative adjectives that describe you? Do you see these as areas for behavior changes? If yes, what might be some of the actions that you would take to make changes? Do any of them particularly concern you?

6. Did you discover any new adjectives that you had not considered before now? If yes, how might that new knowledge of how you view yourself affect your behavior in the future?



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