. A) Name and describe two uses for demographic data. B) Describe how age distributions are important to predicting population growth rates.2. A)

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1. A) Name and describe two uses for demographic data.

B) Describe how age distributions are important to predicting population growth rates.

2. A) Define doubling time of a population.

B) Name the most important driving force for doubling time and explain why that is the most important one.

C) What is the ‘Rule of 70‘ and how is it related to doubling time?

3. A) Explain why the status of women is important the overall quality of life.

B) Describe how the status of women could be related to various cultures.

4. Describe how human population growth and quality of life are related by using two major factors associated with increasing population size that significantly impact quality of life.

5. Differentiate between the Cornucopian and Neo-Malthusian points of view relative to how nations may adopt policies on human reproduction in their country.

6. Describe two factors which combine to influence the Quality of Life.

7. A) Define what the ‘Demographic Trap’ is, and then describe how it relates to the quality of life (standard of living) in developing nations.

B) What is a way for a human population to escape this trap, and how would this ‘escape mechanism’ operate?


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