1.The lesser tubercle of the humerus (Points : 1) articulates with the ulna. articulates with the ra

1.The lesser tubercle of the humerus (Points : 1) articulates with the ulna. articulates with the radius. is found on the lateral side of the olecranon fossa. projects anteriorly. is proximal to the glenohumeral joint.Question 2. 2.The boundary between the true pelvis and the false pelvis is the (Points : 1) pelvic axis. pubic symphysis. pelvic outlet. pelvic brim. pectineal line.Question 3. 3.This is the anterior bone that articulates with the manubrium of the sternum at the sternoclavicular joint. (Points : 1) Scapula Clavicle Xiphoid Rib Thoracic vertebraQuestion 4.4.Identify the highlighted bones.(Points : 1) Question 5.5.Identify the highlighted bones.(Points : 1) Question 6.6.Identify the highlighted bone.(Points : 1) Question 7. 7.What is the function of the pelvic girdle? (Points : 1) Support for vertebral column Attachment site for lower limbs Attachment site for large pectoral muscles. Attachment site for lower limbs and for large pectoral muscles. All of these choices are correct.Question 8. 8.Which of the following labeled panels in the figure shows flexion? (Points : 1) E F C G HQuestion 9. 9.Where do all the symphysis joints in the human body occur? (Points : 1) Upper limbs Lower limbs Axial skeleton Ankles KneesQuestion 10. 10.This type of complex movement involves a continuous sequence of flexion, abduction, extension, and adduction resulting in a distal body part moving in a circle. (Points : 1) Gliding Lateral flexion Hyperextension Circumduction ElevationQuestion 11. 11.Bending the trunk forward at the intervertebral discs is an example of what type of angular movement? (Points : 1) Flexion Extension Lateral flexion Hyperextension None of these choicesQuestion 12. 12.Which of the following is a type of fibrous joints composed of a thin layer of dense irregular fibrous connective tissue found between the bones of the skull?1. Syndesmones2. Gomphosis3. Suture (Points : 1) 1 only 2 only 3 only Both 1 and 2 None of these choicesQuestion 13. 13.The functional joint classification that a suture joint fits into is (Points : 1) synarthrosis. amphiarthrosis. diarthrosis. synovial. cartilaginous.Question 14. 14.In the figure, what represents a saddle joint? (Points : 1) A B C D EQuestion 15. 15.This type of joint lacks a joint cavity and is held together by a fibrous connective tissue.1. Fibrous joints.2. Cartilaginous joints3. Synovial joints (Points : 1) 1 only 2 only 3 only 1 and 2 All of these choices


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